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Are South Carolina's elections secure? How can I trust that my vote will count?

South Carolina election officials take election security seriously and have taken all reasonable measures to protect the statewide voter registration system, the voting system, and the election process in general.  South Carolina election officials work with a broad-based team of law enforcement, intelligence, and cyber security professionals to ensure we are doing everything we can to protect the election infrastructure.  It is important to know that voting machines and computers used to tabulate results are never connected to the internet.  The voting system was tested on the federal and state levels before implementation, and each machine is tested by local election officials before every election to ensure the machines are working properly.  The State Election Commission conducts a comprehensive, statewide post-election audit of data from every voting machine and every computer used to tabulate results in the state to ensure votes were counted accurately and completely.  South Carolina’s elections are conducted transparently by nonpartisan election professionals who are dedicated to protecting the sacred right to vote.  Voters can go to the polls on Election Day knowing that significant checks and balances are in place to give them the assurance that their vote will count.  For more on what is being done to secure South Carolina’s elections, visit